This is Tim's car in 2010]] Tim Goodyear is another Gander Derby Driver. He was only in 2010 (since I only do 2010-present in Gander Derby's) He was only in big car round and had a well performing engine. His tires were good and the sound of his car sounded good. He even put kids in his car and put it in the 2010 Gander Day Parade

2010 Gander DerbyEdit

In 2010 Tim Goodyear put in a 1975 Chrysler town and country wagon. It was black with a couple words on it. He did really good in big car round and won in big car survivor round.

2011 Gander DerbyEdit

In 2011 Tim Goodyear put a silver Cadillac Hearse. It did really well and had sponsers all over it

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